For Aryan and Suhana, dad must be the word, since they are blessed with such a doting father. According to the King Khan, busy parents should dedicate more time to parenting, since childhood is a very crucial period of the process of growing up. SRK himself is very conscious about making up to his kids for being such a buzy person. Footages of Khan spending time with his kids are not rare, be it him accompanying his son Aryan to IPL matches, or spending off days playing games with Suhana.

“Each time I am away from home for long I make sure that on return I have spent enough time and catch up with my children. I am sure a lot of fathers today go through this guilt as they may have missed seeing their child grow,” said the actor.

SRK rues today’s parenting conditions where busy work schedule and tough competition forces parents to miss out on important periods of their child’s life. He appeals to working parents to find solutions to this problem and dedicate quality time to their children’s building years.

He warns parents that childhood traumas and dissatisfactions can lead to severe psychological problems in adulthood. “There are several aspects of parenting that come into play from understanding the growth and development of a child, helping form good habits and of course disciplining your child”, said SRK.

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