Dakota Fanning did not present at a pre-junket screening of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” that was on Saturday. As a matter of fact, the 16-year-old star had a good reason, i.e. she had to take a test.

It turned out that she was taking the ACT. Still she does not know the results of the test, but she said that it could be good or bad, one should wait for some time. The star confessed that she was experiencing some problems with graphs as well as charts.

It was revealed that Dakota did not know one question that was on the scene section. She decided to choose the option D. But she does not know whether it was good for her or not.

In fact, the star did not have a particular score she was aiming for. Moreover, she does not have any idea how the test is scored. Actually, twi-hards are able to grade her acting skills when “Eclipse” hits theaters. It will happen on June 30.

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