Math whiz Danica McKellar — best remembered as Winnie Cooper on TV’s nostalgic drama The Wonder Years — is taking a break from solving mind-boggling equations to show a little skim for the June issue of Maxim.

“When I got to college, I was intending to study film. But I found that my brain was feeling mushy, so I took a few math classes. I started doing really well at them, and solving equations was this, like, drug rush….I realized I needed to find out who I was outside of that show. My whole life people called me Winnie Cooper, and it was important for me to find out what else I had to offer,” says McKellar, one of 100 beauties featured on Maxim’s annual list of the world’s most gorgeous woman.

Danica — who is a best-selling author — is expecting her first child later this year. Her new book, Hot X: Algebra Exposed!, arrives in August.

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