David Arquette’s a regular Monty Hall.

The newly-single Scream star, 39, is developing a quirky game show which will see celebrity guests rank themselves against fellow stars, Variety reported Monday.

The program, titled Ranking the Stars, is ripped from a concept first test and Japan and will feature celebrity panelists ranking one another on a number of topic. Arquette has teamed up with Merv Griffin Entertainment to produce and host the show, which will see celebrities will poke fun at themselves as they determine whether they are more or less likely than their fellow panellists to do select tasks, such as tip off the paparazzi to their whereabouts, or record a sex tape.

We wonder if The Kardashians are available?

“This show is all about celebrities hanging out for a bit and taking their guard down,” says executive producer Roy Bank. “David’s whole persona is that. His honesty has bled through and it’s come back to haunt him a few times. If there was ever a celebrity with a brand that matches the show, it’s this.”

Arquette says the show is perfectly suited to his style of humor.

“A lot of my humour is from a self-depreciating place anyway,” he tells Variety. My flaws are what make me funny and I have no problem letting people poke fun at that.”

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