Uh-Oh….David Beckham is in the public relations war of his career as the soccer ace dodges allegations that he has been cheating on his wife of a decade — former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham — for the second time in a month.

A woman seeking to divorce her husband and secure a restraining order against him has claimed she was accused of having an affair with David, according to The Daily Mail.

Say it ain’t so, Becks!

The LA Galaxy star is named in the divorce proceedings of Hollywood jeweler Shery Shabani, whose children attend the same exclusive Hollywood school as the Beckham boys Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz.

Shabani alleged her lawyer husband became fixated on the idea of her having an affair with Beckham, who is believed to be an acquaintance of the family. Shery says that David even confided to her estranged husband Kambiz Shabani, 42, had attempted to run him off the road in his car outside the children’s school earlier this year.

Is this the Life & Times of David & Victoria Beckham or an episode of Cheaters?

A friend of the Beckhams described the claims, which come shortly after the family was rocked by lurid sex slurs from call girl Irma Nici, as “bizarre.”

“There’s absolutely no suggestion that there is any truth in the husband’s claims of an affair between David and the woman,” the source added.

In related news, attorneys for The Beckhams are busy taking action against In Touch Magazine for printing a former prostitute’s claims that she bedded Becks several times in 2007.

Now Irma Nici, 26, s countersuing him for “emotional and physical injuries.”

Apparently when a process server delivered Beckham’s multimillion lawsuit to her hotel room last week, he injured her, causing her to wind up in hospital. Nici’s attorney Paul Jenson filed the suit in a Los Angeles court on Friday, telling reporters: “Beckham is responsible for his goon’s conduct, and we will hold him liable for it. California law does not allow public figures like David Beckham to stifle free speech. Maybe he didn’t live here in Los Angeles long enough to learn how precious we here consider our rights to tell the truth in print.”

And it appears things are going to get very — er — interesting if Irma’s allegations see the light of day in court. A statement on Nici’s website reads: “Mr. Beckham had better be prepared to drop his pants in court if he wants to pursue this matter as he has distinguishing characteristics, which will prove without a doubt that Irma is telling the truth.”

We’re wondering where Jenson got his “law degree” from if he thinks he can persuade David Beckham to disrobe in a law court simply on a prostitute’s say-so. Let’s get real. If this lawsuit even makes it to a courthouse, The Beckhams are not going to be anywhere near it. It’ll be sorted out by a bevy of suited-up legal eagles while Posh and Becks keep well away. As a matter of fact, If they’re smart they’ll be sighted on vacation somewhere exotic (and expensive), canoodling for the cameras to prove they’ve survived yet another attempt to break up their marriage.

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