Rumors are flying around since long about the split up between Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott but Tori keeps on telling that they are together and there is no chance of divorce.

Also, on a television show, she said that marital problems occur in everyone’s life and people do fight with their partner. She also appeared on the “Today Show” dated April 5th to clear out the swirling rumors about their divorce. She cleared out that everything is fine between and they are not going to get divorced rather they both are happy together focusing on raising their two children well.

Dean McDermott aged 40 years, stated that they both are now discussing their relationship more carefully and sorting out all the problems. “Problems being sorted out” clearly tells us that problems were actually there and that the rumours were not just all fake but true to some extent.

A leaked clip from the TV serial- home sweet Hollywood shows Spelling telling her husband for four years that he has changed a lot. He became unhappy and angrier and that she wanted old Dean back. The clip further showed Tori saying she missed him so much.

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