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Demi Lovato has shut down her Twitter account, abandoned her post on The Jonas Brothers’ concert tour, and checked into rehab for treatment of what insiders say is an emotional breakdown.

Oh dear, damn that Joe Jonas! Getting dumped by that cad must have really done a number on the poor girl.

A rep for the Sonny With a Chance actress, 18, confirmed the move in a statement issued late Monday evening. Lovato spokesfolks championed the teen star for seeking help for “emotional and physical issues” that have plagued her for months.

She reportedly famously fell out with childhood pal Selena Gomez after Selena grew closer to singer Taylor Swift. And it was just last week that Demi flipped into Full Rant Mode on celeb gawkers (You’ll know who you are!) who insists on posting unflattering photographs of her on their blogs. The final straw came over the weekend, tipsters say. That’s when Demi nearly got into a knockdown dragout fight with one of the dancers on her tour. The altercation was the wakeup call Demi needed to reach out for help.

“Demi Lovato left her tour early this weekend in order to seek medical treatment for emotional and physical issues she has dealt with for some time,” the statement read. “Demi has decided to take personal responsibility for her actions and seek help. She is doing just that. [Demi] regrets not being able to finish her tour, but is looking forward to getting back to work in the near future.”

Best wishes to Demi.

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