Mother of Dev Patel who is famous for his role in Slumdog Millionaire came across some information on the internet which shocked her a little bit. It was said in one of the articles that her son was engaged and was going to marry soon.

Of course, reporters asked the star to comment those rumors. He confirmed to the press as well as to his mom that he hadn’t got engaged and was not planning to get married with Freida Pinto, his longtime girlfriend. He smiles that nothing has happened and he is just working on a new film.

But those Dev’s comments were not enough for his mom because the fuss around that topic was getting more intense every day. So she decided to take initiative in her own hands and find out the truth herself.

Patel’s mother didn’t like that situation when she had to constantly explain to everyone at work why it had been written in newspapers and on the internet that her son was engaged and that it was absolutely not true.

The star says about his girlfriend that they have been dating for 2 years already and that their relations are getting stronger and stronger.

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