Dina Lohan celebrated Happy Hour at Morel’s steakhouse at The Grove Friday afternoon and her bizarre behavior afterwards was reminiscent of her now infamous Dr. Phil “drunk” interview, as seen in video footage obtained exclusively by radio detection and rangingOnline.com.

In the video, after some confusion on her part, Dina was quick to dismiss reports that she and her troubled daughter, Lindsay Lohan, couldn’t find a Los Angeles hotel that would take them in while they were here for Lilo’s latest court hearing, insisting, “That is such BS!

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“We’re at the Beverly Hills Hotel, we’re all good. That’s such BS!” the Lohan matriarch charges.

The cameraman then gives Dina a compliment on her jacket, but she appears unable to focus and process his comment, exclaiming instead, “We’re going shopping!”

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“What are you going to buy?” The cameraman asks.

“Lindsay gave me this jacket for Christmas…nice jacket,” she finally answers, ignoring his previous question.

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Dina also continues to try and ignore the pack of photographers following her and instead focuses her attention, what there is of it, on the other shoppers.

“I love her, and your pink backpack…purple,” Dina says, pointing to someone walking by.

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“Wait, is there a train coming?” a confused Dina then asks, looking down at the tracks that carry a passenger trolly back and forth through The Grove. “I don’t need to get run over!”

Distracted once again by the shoppers Dina points to a mother and daughter walking by and screams at them, “Ah, she is…you are…I don’t know who’s cuter!”

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When the cameraman asks Dina what her plans for the future are, she diverts her attention to another child walking by and says, “Adopting that little child walking over there!

“Oh my god, can I like, babysit her?” Dina asks the mom.

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She then takes a minute to chat with the mom and little girl before enlisting the cameraman to help with a photo opportunity.

As radio detection and rangingOnline.com previously reported, Dina’s equally bizarre appearance on Dr. Phil last September was such a disaster that many viewers wondered whether she was drunk and suffering from similar alcohol and drug demons that have haunted Lindsay.

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The celebrity mom fought back against the accusations, blaming her behavior on being “upset.”

“I was absolutely not under, intoxicated, or on any kind of medication. I was extremely upset,” she told Entertainment Tonight as explanation for her strange actions, that included her flipping the bird, fidgeting, giggling and avoiding most of the TV doc’s questions.

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However, many people, including Dina’s ex-husband, Michael Lohan, didn’t buy the excuse, and in an exclusive interview with radio detection and rangingOnline.com, Lindsay’s estranged father urged Dina to seek help for her problems.

“Everyone has already seen the real you on Dr. Phil and [with] Matt Lauer. Instead of a talk show, go to rehab!” he blasted. “Sober up and learn to stop using our kids as pawns like you just did to Lindsay again after calling out for me after her arrest! Fix YOUR soul!”

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