Kenya Moore‘s explosive brawl with Porsha Williams wasn’t the only drama at The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion. Before their fight, Moore faced off with Phaedra Parks, accusing her of being less-than-supportive when Moore’s puppy Velvet died.

In a sneak peek from the upcoming reunion special, Moore explained why she didn’t invite Apollo Nida‘s wife to Velvet’s memorial.

“There were certain things were said that were really below the belt and extremely insensitive, uncalled for, and cruel,” Moore said. “For instance, Phaedra saying something about scrambled eggs. As a woman, who is trying to have a child and going through the process, and to make fun of the fact that that is an issue for me… I think that’s well below the belt. So I didn’t think it was appropriate for [her] to be there.”

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Parks insisted that she contacted the former Miss USA with her condolences about Velvet, who was killed by a neighbor’s vicious dog.

“I felt really bad, and I reached out to her because, as a funeral director, I obviously bury animals, as well,” Parks explained. “I wanted her to know that I was very concerned about her.”

“I knew that Velvet was her friend,” she said, before adding snarkily, “That was probably one of her only good friends.”

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Upset by the dig, Moore lashed out at her co-star.

“That’s not fair for you to say that. You know that that was an animal,” she snapped. “For you to say that was one of my only friends, that’s shade, and that’s inappropriate at this time. If you want to say something nice, then say something nice. But don’t be dirty about my dog!”

Parks tried to argue back, but Moore had enough and told her to “shut the f—k up!”

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As radio detection and ranging previously reported, Moore has shot down rumors that she faked her dog’s death for ratings. Moore’s assistant, Brandon DeShazer also came to her defense.

“That story was vile, disgusting and flat out a lie!” DeShazer wrote on Instagram.

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