Call it an Attack of Conscience: Dr. Drew Pinsky wants to make amends with celebrity trainwreck Lindsay Lohan. Unfortunately for the good doctor, Linds isn’t really in a forgiving sort of mood.

The Life Size actress arrived at Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards wearing a pantsuit that concealed her court-ordered SCRAM ankle bracelet, which monitors alcohol intake, but when she found out that the two were seated near each other at last night’s MTV Movie Awards, she demanded that she be moved to the opposite side of the venue.

Word is LiLo’s still more than a bit cross over controversial comments Dr. Drew made about her widely-rumored drug use a few months back.

“If I were in Michael Lohan’s position, what would I do to help my daughter, I am clear that I would go to any lengths to get her to and retain her in treatment. Bringing legal consequences to bear is often the only alternative. It would kill me but I would do it. Perhaps I surrendered my equanimity to a flight of journalistic excess by even suggesting that he plant drugs. But if I was in his position and I knew she was addicted (which I personally do not) and all else had failed, I suspect I would contemplate even this as a last resort,” Pinsky wrote in an April blog.

Drew’s remarks infuriated Lindsay, who angrily referred to the substance abuse specialist as a quack….and a few other names we’ll refrain from using on a family website.

For what it’s worth, Drew would like to apologize for the misunderstanding. Dr. Drew said he attended KROQ Weenie Roast Concert in Irvine on Saturday in hopes of seeing the actress.

“We were at the same concert at the same time and she didn’t show up. I was looking for her. I wanted to kind of reach out and try to…I don’t know her and actually make a contact. I was going to reach out to her and say hi and apologize if indeed I caused her any distress; that was never my intention,” he told The Dish Rag Sunday. “The stuff that seemed to get her most upset was things that I would say speculating what I would do if she was my daughter.”

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