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Wheelchair Jimmy’s got a thing for Snooki….

Snooki Polizzi — Jersey Shore’s heavily-tanned reality barfly — has since a penchant for slick-haired, wingtip-wearing juiceheads that she’s ready to uproot her life in suburbia and move to New York City in hopes of snagging one.

But she may want to make an exception for rising rap star Drake.

Word on the Curb has it that the “Best I Ever Had” hitmaker — who is arguably hip-hop’s most raved-about sensation in more than a decade — is quite smitten with the big-haired, foul-mouthed lush. In fact, Drake personally invited Snook to an afterpary he was hosting after locking eyes with the guidette backstage at the MuchMusic Video Awards in his native Toronto over the weekend. Drake’s is as lucky with ladies as he is with lyrics — the former acting has been romantically-linked to stunning Canadian actress Keshia Chante and pop star Rihanna.

The New York Post’s Page Six Column writes: “A spy said, ‘He was flirting with Snooki and trying to get her to come to his after- party. He was holding her hand the whole time.’ Snooki was later seen turning up at his bash, only to be turned away by security. The source added, “Drake found out about it a lot later and was really mad that Snooki didn’t get in.”

Maybe next time he can try serenading her with a hip-hop rendition of “Please Don’t Go Girl.”

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