There is always a debate about what to change when you’re rebooting a video game. On one hand, super fans don’t want you to change a thing. If you change nothing, people wonder why you bothered. Well, there are some changes in store for Lara Croft. Tomb Raider is getting a reboot, and it’s an origin story. Oh, and Lara doesn’t look quite the same. We got a behind-closed-doors preview at E3 today. This one is going to cause some debate.

Before we get into what Lara looks like now, here is some info on this very early build of the game. They had the volume cranked on the game, so it was hard to hear the developer, but we could certainly see. First off, the game is an origin story. When you begin, Lara is just out of school and twenty-one years old. She’s on her first…

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