Who says edgy can’t be elegant?

In today’s anything-goes fashion world, the most noticeable figures don’t follow anyone’s rules! If you’re ready to mix a little leather with your lace, take a few pointers from these famous icons:

Lady GaGa

No one combines edgy and elegant like Lady GaGa. While no one is recommending that you don her meat-inspired ensemble, you can learn a thing or two about breaking the fashion rules from her lifestyle. This blonde bombshell has won worldwide recognition in a few short years because she definitely lives her life by her own standards. To emulate this Lady, have fun and create a new sexy look for every occasion. However, don’t bother trying to copy her exactly. That would be very un-Ladylike!

Beyonce Knowles

This diva can definitely do edgy (just ask Sasha Fierce), but sexy elegance seems to be Beyonce’s calling card. When copying this look, think slinky evening gowns and cleavage bearing outfits of every type! Although jewelry is usually kept to a minimum – after all, Beyonce’s beauty doesn’t need much icing – a few dramatic earrings or an elegant John Hardy bracelet could complete your look. If you don’t have Beyonce’s flowing locks, it might be time to consider a few hair extensions as a final touch.

Of course, you can always buy an ensemble or two from Beyonce’s Dereon fashion line for a shortcut to edgy elegance.

Gwen Stefani

Just how does Gwen continue to look edgy and as glamorous as a 1940s movie star at the same time? It could be those perfectly platinum tresses, the too-smooth-to-be-true complexion, or those luscious ruby-red lips! Whether she’s sporting baggy pants and a cropped top or an outfit suitable for Jackie O, Gwen always looks expertly coiffed, groomed, and otherwise put together. To look like Gwen, make sure your hair, face, and skin are absolute perfection, and you’ll be able to look sublimely elegant and edgy in something as commonplace as ripped jeans and an old t-shirt.


With Pink, it’s definitely more about the snarl, the attitude, and the hair than anything else. This unconventional beauty can be downright masculine while still retaining an unexplainable feminine charm. Whether she’s educating us about “Stupid Girls” or filling us in on her latest breakup tough-girl style with “About Me”, we all want to reveal more of our own inner-Pink! This look definitely requires close-cropped hair, shocking colors, tank tops and a sprinkling of leather! Don’t forget the six-pack! It might take some work on your part, but Pink is known for her tight abs almost as much as for the wild dye jobs she has.

Stevie Nicks

For those of us that are above a certain age, no one is more beautiful, and edgy/elegant, than Stevie. To copy this early pioneer of leather and lace, look for flowing dresses that would look equally at home on a fairy queen or a witch who’s way too sexy for Oz. Of course, thick, shaggy 80s hair is another must-have to acquire Stevie’s edgy elegance.

Pick and choose features from these rock icons to create your perfect mix of edge and elegance!

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