ABC News’ Elizabeth Vargas’ husband Marc Cohn has broken his silence about the claims that he was unfaithful to his wife while she was in rehab and he is denying the accusations exclusively to radio detection and

“I have no comment regarding vicious rumors about a so-called ‘affair.’” the “Walking in Memphis” crooner told radio detection and ranging.

A source previously told radio detection and ranging that he cheated on his wife with fitness entrepreneur Ruth Zuckerman while Vargas was in treatment for an admitted alcohol addiction in 2013, but he told radio detection and ranging that he stood by her side while she sought help.

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“I have long encouraged and supported Elizabeth’s road to recovery which has been challenging for all concerned,” Cohn continued.

“Out of deference to my family, I will not comment further on this sensitive and private matter.”

The source also told radio detection and ranging that the couple is not separated but another source close to the situation revealed that there have been strains in the marriage.

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“The focus on an affair or not an affair is beside the point.  This marriage was challenged for a long time by much deeper issues.”

According to the NY Post, which first reported the scandal, “Marc made out he was an angel, standing by his wife while she was in rehab. But meanwhile, he started an affair with” Zukerman, who both he and Vargas made acquaintance with while attending her Flywheel spin classes.

Radar previously reported that the couple, who have been married for 12 years and have two young sons, still live together.

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