Somethings are better kept to ourselves….and hidden under two pairs of socks and a Timbaland boot!

The Grey’s Anatomy star showed off her extra anatomy while out for a stroll in Loz Feliz, California, this week. Maybe this is the first time Ellen’s worn open-toed shoes in public… or maybe this is just the first time anyone’s thought to look up close and notice her six toes!

Hey, we all have our quirks!

In pictures snapped this week, Pompeo sported brown leather flip flops and showed an extra toe on each foot as she strolled along with music producer hubby Chris Ivey and daughter Stella. The actress, 40, appears to suffer from a condition known as polydactyly, a congenital physical anomaly in humans that results in extra fingers or toes, Britain’s Daily Mail scooped on Wednesday.

Pompeo has never publicly spoken about her unusual feet, but she’s not the only star who has been dealt an extra digit or two. James Bond actress Gemma Arterton was born with an extra finger on each hand but had them removed as a child. MLB slugger Antonio Alfonseca is known for having an extra digit on each hand and foot.

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