During a recent concert, Elton John dedicated one of his all time hits “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues” as a touch of support for Vanessa Redgrave.

The actress is passing through a hard phase in her life as she lost three of her most closed ones in the last one year. Her daughter Natasha died in an accident in March 2009. She lost her brother Corin Redgrave on April and her sister died Lynn Redgrave in the beginning of this month.

The singing legend dedicated the song as Vanessa was joining the audience at Carnegie Hall. Elton told Vanessa that this song is specially for her with all love from him and all the artists at stage.

Redgrave recently organized a memorial service for her daughter and was in all tears at the end of the service. She was so broken down that she had to be taken to the backstage during the intermission.

The star singer who has a feud with Madonna did sing her hit songs “Like a Virgin” and Material Girls during the concert. Their rivalry is very well known in the public and Elton has even once called Madonna a “miserable cow”.

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