There was news that there were three celebrities in a plane including Ashley Olsen, 24 who was getting into a lot of controversies earlier and boyfriend Justin Bartha.

It was a flight where there were people of different nations where a fire broke out in the cockpit due to some electrical sparks and had to make an emergency landing in Dulles International Airport, Virginia.

When the cockpit caught fire, it resulted in a windshield crack making it unable for the pilot to make a clear landing which the plane was supposed to being going from New York to Los Angeles as said by a passenger of the plane.

They had a safe landing and it was claimed that everyone was safe as the emergency crew helped them which gave relief to the passengers which took place on Monday the 17th of May.

Although the whole scene was quite scary, but the best part was that it all resulted in a safe landing and no injury for everyone. It is righty said that all is well that ends well. Therefore, all the people on the plane along with their friends and relatives can now relax in peace.

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