Peep This: ESPN reporter Erin Andrews is suing the corporations that run the Marriott and Radisson Hotels, alleging the establishments’ security provisions — or lack thereof — allowed a stalking Peeping Tom to gain access to her private reservation information.

In March, Chicago insurance salesman Michael Barrett was sentenced to 30 months in prison for videotaping Andrews naked through hotel room peepholes and posting the footage on the Internet. In court papers filed in The Windy City Thursday, Andrews claims the hotels provided Barrett with her reservation information. She claims the hotels confirmed she intended to register and revealed her room number, before allowing Barrett to check-in to adjacent rooms. Once there, Barrett subsequently modified the peephole devices from the hotel doors and videotaped her surreptitiously with his cellphone. The videos were taken while the ESPN reporter was undressed in hotel rooms in Nashville and Milwaukee in 2008.

Barrett is also named in the suit. Andrews is alleging negligence, invasion of privacy, and emotional distress and is requesting an unspecified sum in damages.

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