The driver of a car that collided with Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoia-Parker on the Los Angeles Freeway last Wednesday has hired an attorney to file suit against the lusty Latina. Sanjay Sobti — an attorney for Gasparyan — says a civil lawsuit will be lodged against Eva in Los Angeles Superior Court this week, seeking damages for negligence related to last week’s crash.

Eva was driving through Los Angeles on Wednesday night when she ran into a whip being driven by Roman Gasparyan. Both suffered minor injuries in the crash, but only Gasparyan is taking legal action. He claims the crash was Eva’s fault and although he was not seen by a doctor immediately following the collision, Gasparyan’s seeking an unspecified sum in monetary compensation for injuries he claims he sustained as a result of the accident — including back and neck pain, severe headaches, anxiety, and blood pressure complications.

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