Eva Mendez doesn’t belong to those actresses who prefer to have doubles when it comes to erotic scenes.

She gives an interview to W magazine, which will be published in July, that though she is already 36, nudity has never been a problem for her. Of course, she doesn’t do it without a proper reason, so she can’t be blamed for exhibitionism. Personally for her genuine art is above all formalities and restrictions.

It’s interesting that Eva suggested herself to Antoine Fuqua, the director of “Training Day” that she would like to play several naked scenes at the very beginning of the film – despite the fact that this was not in the script.

She says that she acknowledges that subtle line which distinguishes a sex symbol and a respected actor.

Surprisingly, her bravery concerning nudity is far away from her conventional views on relationships and love. She tells the reporters that though she’s a modern woman in terms of taking care of herself, being so independent and ambitious, she adheres to traditional ideas. In fact, she likes to belong to her beloved man. Currently she is dating George Augusto, music producer.

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