Tori Spelling is try to smooth rumors concerning marital dissension with Dean McDermott after it was shown that the couple was fighting in the new season of Tori & Dean.

According to Spelling, they are not going to divorce, as they are committed to each other as well as the family. But still there are things that have to be worked on, and the couple is striving to do this.

The fifth season of Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood which was premiered on Monday showed that Spelling was telling her husband that she wanted the old Dean back as with years he was becoming more angry and unhappy.

But there is no need to worry about the couple, Spelling assures that they are like any other married couple. In fact, they have their own fights as well as ups and downs. Nothing can be done with it as it is a real relationship. It turned out that some problems were reveled this season. Spelling considers that there is nothing bad that her fans will see those problems, as they are a normal as well as relatable couple. Things happen, nobody is perfect.

But still it turned out that Spelling discusses her often-troubled relationship with her mother.

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