Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Series Reviews

Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Series

Finally, all 9 seasons – over 100 hours of Everybody Loves Raymond on 44 discs – are now available under one roof! Inside this collectible house structure are all 210 episodes, along with loads of bonus features and a 40-page script of the series finale autographed by all 10 of the episode’s writers.

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List Price: $ 199.98

Price: $ 104.75

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4 thoughts on “Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Series Reviews

  1. Review by C. Bedford for Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Series
    I was sceptical at first.

    After reading some other reviews on the same item from different sellers, I was concerned about this being shipped to Australia.

    — This item arrived in 100% PERFECT condition, not one mark, dint, rip, anything. EXTREMELY HAPPY!

    Second concern was whether it would play on my DVD player. I am a region 4 zone, these DVD’s are region 1. Some region free DVD players still do not play certain dvd’s regardless — These played perfectly and are just wonderful.

    Highly recommend this product for international purchasing 🙂

    Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Series

  2. Review by M. Tsigelman for Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Series
    actually I’m writing this review after just receiving the long waited set, and from my first impression it’s nothing less than AMAZING!

    it comes in a relatively small package, shaped like raymond’s house.

    after you open the roof you can find the complete series. each season is packed seperately in somekind of a “mini-book”, all made out of carton.

    the seasons are at diffrent heights, so it’s easy to pick the season you want, and start watching.

    each season case contains a printed table of contents with the name and location of every episode.

    beside all the episodes and many extra features, there’s also a small printed book, that contains the script of the series finale, with the autographs of the entire writing staff (including Ray Romano).

    from a couple of randomly picked episodes that I’ve watched, the quality of them is very good, and they contain English subtitles which is very important to many people.


    if you like the series of Everybody Loves Raymond, you should order it RIGHT NOW! it’s an amazing and beautiful set, that contains one of the best sitcoms ever made. it’s a must-to-have set for every fan, and for every DVD collector out there.

  3. Review by mwreview for Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete Series
    I just got my house and it’s great! Most who are interested in this set probably already know each of the 210 episodes by heart, so I’ll describe the packaging. It looks so cute on display. The roof lifts up to reveal the nine cases for each season. They look like minis of the individual season cases with sturdy covers that open up like books. They are set in the house at different heights so they are easy to pull out. Inside there is the episode list and photos like with the individual seasons. The discs are in cardboard sleeves that have a photo of one of the 5 main characters with two quotes. I know a lot of people are concerned about the cardboard sleeves scratching the discs. I will admit, they do fit rather tightly in the sleeves, but each sleeve has a paper backing that seems to protect the disc from scratches. I have not noticed scratches on the ones I’ve pulled out so far but, I haven’t played these discs enough yet to really test it.

    What I really like about the box set, besides it being so cute, is that it takes up less room than those big, bulky individual season sets. It takes up a little more than six individual seasons worth, so that frees up a lot of space in my cabinet. The discs have the same extras as the individuals seasons, plus you also get a book with the shooting script for “The Finale.” The autographs of the writers are facsimiles on the cover. If the discs hold up (I’ve heard of disc protectors you can snap on called “D-Skins,” but I’m not sure they will fit with this setup) and with the reasonable price you can get this for on Amazon right now, I see no reason to keep those bulky individual sets, so up for sale they go!

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