From the ’70s to the ’00s there were two artists who dominated movie posters. One was Drew Struzan, the other was John Alvin. In the past we’ve celebrated Struzan thanks to newly published collections of his work and today it’s Alvin’s turn.

On August 26, Titan Books is publishing The Art of John Alvin, a handsome, 140-page collection of not only the posters you already know and love, like E.T., Blade Runner, The Lion King, and Gremlins, but a treasure trove’s worth of works-in-progress the world never got to see.

To help spotlight this wonderful book, Titan Books has given us 13, never-before-seen variants of his Jurassic Park poster to share with you. Each of these is very different than the final version, and yet they tend to have one thing in common. They all played up the science as adventure side of things – something you rarely see in movie marketing these days – with the different taglines. 

Speaking of those taglines, we can’t help but notice one of them is very, very thematically appropriate for next year’s Jurassic World. Here’s hoping Universal remembers it: “Experience the past, in the present, at the Theme Park of the future.”

Jurassic Park” ©1993 Universal City Studios, Inc. and Amblin Entertainment, Inc. 

You can pre-order The Art of John Alvin now.


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