Exclusive: Spotlight on J.K. Simmons

There are actors whose presence in a movie or television show guarantees to make them just that much better. One such actor is J.K. Simmons whose early role as White Supremacist ringleader Schillinger in the HBO prison show “Oz” found him many loyal fans, followed by other long-running TV shows like “Law & Order” and “The Closer” with Kyra Sedgwick and roles in films by the Coen Brothers and Jason Reitman. Even so, what most people will probably know Simmons for is his brilliant portrayal of Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson in Sam Raimi’s three “Spider-Man” films, which may be the closest any comic book character has transitioned to the screen.

Simmons now has his meatiest film role to date in Jim Kohlberg’s independent drama The Music…

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