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Who put the G in GTL?

Pint-size reality TV star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has made it her new mission to slim down and she recently took Star Magazine on an exclusive tour inside her fridge, showing off all the healthy food she eats now.

“It’s pretty insane now, if I don’t work out once a day I freak out,” the Jersey Shore queen said. “I feel like I’m gross!”

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Ballooning up to 126 pounds would be OK for most girls, but at 4’9″ Snooki wasn’t happy.  “If I was stretched out, I’d look like a supermodel.  But I’m compact, so I look like I’m 160.”

So, the dedicated Snooki decided to drop the pounds.  An hour of cardio a day plus 2,000 crunches help her get into tip top shape.

She changed her eating habits too.  “I eat salads, grilled chicken, plain spinach is my favorite.  Not eating past 7, not eating candies, chips all that stuff like I used to.”

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In a heartfelt admission, Snooki said when she was in high school she battled an eating disorder.

“I started eating like one cracker a day to the point where I was like 85 pounds.  It wasn’t healthy.”  She said the school nurse would call her parents and “that was my worst low with my eating disorder.”

She changed her ways, works out with her boyfriend now and even says she’s cut down on the booze.

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“I hardly drink now.  I used to drink every single day.  I’m more into getting fit, going to the gym, eating healthy because then you feel better about yourself.”

So what has the biggest reward been for Snooki?

“Having my friends notice I’ve lost weight!”

Watch Snooki talk about her weight loss and diet regime.



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