Facebook has reportedly earned more than $800 million in 2009, which is being considered as explosive growth because of its every swelling numbers of users and advertisers.

Net profit of the company also has gone substantially up to tens of millions last year, according to some reliable sources. This tremendous growth has once again brought forward the money generating capability of the social networking site in past years of its existence. The social site is now ranked as the biggest such network with half a billion users being its members.

Despite such a thrilling performance on revenue front, the company has maintained that it is not thinking in terms of bringing out its IPO, though the investors are keenly awaiting it.

Facebook had given indication of its financial achievements in earlier part of the last year. But the new reports coming out show that the financial strength last year grew even more. Such growth also has been speculated by many media reports.

A board member of Facebook, Marc Andreessen had told Reuters that the company was likely to surpass $500 million in 2009. in September made statement that it had free cash flow revenue, which meant that the company was generating sufficient cash to spend on its operating expenses and was also capable of spending on its capital requirements.

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