A social networking website getting honored as the most visited site in U.S. by 2010 was a matter of joke few years ago.

But it is not at all a joke now when in 2010, Facebook , world’s widest social networking website has built a record to overtake Google and claim as the most visited website in U.S. it has been a big achievement by Facebook that was recently started in 2005.

Facebook has managed to attract more users than Google in US. The growth rate of Facebook growth is an astounding 185 percent year-by-year that is much above Google’s minor 9 percent.

It is important to mention that this data is only considered with the Google.com domain and not Google services such as YouTube or Gmail. However, Google’s Orkut is well known in Brazil and India and it has recently made a spatter with Google Buzz.

right now Facebook has over 400 million users and the number is increasing steadily.

Now we have its office in India as well where it is planning to expand and edge Orkut’s dominance and de-facto social network in India.

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