Facebook, it seems, has buckled down under the pressure from Pakistan government’s continued ban put on the site. The social networking site has taken down the controversial page, which did not appear on the site on Friday.

But the site has said that probably the duration of the page was over and its owner is no more inviting the entries on it. The page has invited the viewers to draw images of the prophet and post them. Facebook said that it took no action against the page Everybody Draw Mohammed Day.

On Friday, a blog related to the page had no content on it and it had been renamed ‘nothing’, though there were many caricatures of the prophet earlier on it.

The social networking site’s controversial page about the prophet of Islam had generated controversy and a court decision had compelled the government to ban it.

Pakistan had maintained that it would restore the social networking site to the viewers only when the sites featuring offending content removes the pages.

The ban on YouTube has been lifted by the Pak govt, but the site, that carried the blasphemous footage, has said that the video site is still being blocked in the country.

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