Fahrenheit 451

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Werner stars as a fireman in charge of burning books in a future where reading is a crime. Christie plays a dual role as his wife and his book-collectThe classic science fiction novel by Ray Bradbury was a curious choice for one of the leading directors of the French New Wave, François Truffaut. But from the opening credits onward (spoken, not written on screen), Truffaut takes Bradbury’s fascinating premise and makes it his own. The futuristic society depicted in Fahrenheit 451 is a culture without books. Firemen still race around in red trucks and wear helmets, but their job is to start fires: they ferret out forbidden stashes of books, douse them with gasoline, and make public bonfires. Oskar Werner, the star of Truffaut’s Jules and Jim, plays a fireman named Montag, whose exposure to David Copperfield wakens an instinct toward reading and individual thought. (That’s why books are banned–they give people too many ideas.) In an intriguing casting flourish, Julie Christie plays two

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