Fan Made: ‘Star Wars’ Nut Turns His Entire Living Room into Massive

In today’s example of forever alone or forever awesome is a man who turned his 140-square foot living room into a Star Wars diorama depicting the Battle of Hoth. Mega fan of George Lucas’ space opus Barry has a good sense of humor about it, too: “You know, nothing really lets everybody know that you’re quite the ladies man than having a massive Hoth dio around your house. That’s what the ladies look for. The big Hoth dio. Fortunately I’ve got that.”

The photos don’t do his work justice, so be sure to watch the below video in which he explains how he doctored all those amazing explosions and other special effects. Barry even created a little scene that features Darth Vader after his Viper probe droid landed on Hoth. Dig into some photos of the smoke, fire and Star Wars mayhem, and then head to Geekologie for more.

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