Who needs The Young & The Restless when we’ve got the Life & Times of Fantasia’s Vagina?

The scandal-scarred former American Idol is once again staring in the eyes of controversy after confessing in open court that she aborted a child conceived with her married former lover during the height of a tabloid furor over the couple’s not-so clandestine romance.

Barrino took the stand Monday in the child custody hearing involving her former flame Antwaun Cook and the cellphone salesman’s estranged wife Paula Cook. During her testimony, Fantasia made the shocking confession that she not only knew Antwaun was married when the pair began sleeping together in the summer of 2009, but that she eventually became pregnant by the married man.

Fantasia had a secret abortion just a few weeks before she tried to take her own life in a botched overdose attempt last August.

Fantasia now admits that she knew Cook, who first met the singer/reality star when she dropped into the T-Mobile store where he was working, was married and living with his wife. Fantasia — whose drama with Antwaun played out on the second season of her popular VH1 docu-soap, Fantasia For Real — had previously claimed that she’d believed Antwaun was separated when they began seeing each other.

Barrino was asked to the stand as part of the divorce proceedings as Paula Cook is suing both Barrino and Antwaun Cook, seeking custody and alimony from Antwaun, as well as “alienation of affection,” a obscure law which allows a jilted spouse to sue their partner’s lover. The clause is still on the books in just six other states. And for you information, adultery is still a crime in North Carolina.

Paula and Fantasia reportedly met for mediation earlier this month, where the singer offered $100,000. Paula, however, was unwilling to settle without Fantasia admitting that she had known Antwaun was an attached man before she invited him into her bed.

“Paula is not doing too well, having to hear all this in court and replay it all over, she’s emotionally torn,” a source close to Paula told RadarOnline.com following Monday’s explosive hearing.

Fantasia is no longer dating Antwaun.

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