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The World’s Heaviest Mom Donna Simpson, who tips the scales at over 530 pounds, now has competition for the world’s most famous super-heavy woman.

The mother-of-two from Akron, Ohio holds the Guinness Book Of World Records spot for being the biggest female to bear children.

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But now a 32-year-old from Arizona is threatening to steal her heavyweight thunder.

Susanne Eman currently weighs in at a staggering 728 pounds and is hoping to beat the current record for Heaviest Woman Ever by reaching 1200 pounds by the time she reaches 41.

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Rosalie Bradford, who holds that dubious title, died in 2006.

“The category is currently open,” a Guinness spokesperson told the Huffington Post  “We’ve got several claims that we’re researching, and we may have a new title holder very soon.”

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Simpson, meanwhile, recently announced that she was going on a diet following her split from her ‘feeder’ fiance Phillippe Gouamba several weeks ago.

She had also, until then, been aiming for the Heaviest Woman Ever record.

The last woman to hold the title, 1,200-pound Rosalie Bradford, died in 2006.

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“The category is currently open,” a Guinness representative told HuffPost Weird News. “We’ve got several claims that we’re researching, and we may have a new title holder very soon.”

The competition between the two women is intense.  Simpson even accuses Eman of trying to steal her “World’s Fattest Mom” title.

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“She says she’s surpassed me as the world’s fattest mom, but she doesn’t understand that Guinness gave me the record because I was 532 pounds when I gave birth,” Simpson said. “She wasn’t that large when she gave birth to her kids.”

Eman chows down 22,000 calories a day, and is hoping Dr. Oz will want to book her on his show so she can prove how healthy she is.

Good luck with that!


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