If you happen o be a prince the standard set of your dreams should contain: to become a ruler of your country, find a princess of your heart and marry her and spend your whole life living happily in a palace.

Prince Harry is a real exclusion here. The list of his aspirations includes: to become a photographer of flora and fauna, learn to surf professionally and pilot helicopters one day. The 25-year-old prince is trying to reach one of these goals – he has already become a helicopter pilot’s trainee. But the time for his forth dream has not come yet, notably to start to live in Africa.

This last prince’s aim was written on his body sketch when he went to Lesotho in Africa. It was later explained in the following way: Harry is dating a girl, Chelsy Davy, 24 who lives in Zimbabwe. That’s why he has to spend so much time in Africa that concerns Prince Charles, his father, so much.

Both princes went to a tour to Africa which will last for six days and arrived in Cape Town (South Africa) on Friday. Their program of visit will include visiting a hospital and then – backing the football team from England who will be playing against Algerians in the World Cup tournament.

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