Fringe A Better man.jpgBig, giant, enormous things happened on “Fringe” this week. Forget the rest of the episode. It’s all about the ending. And the ending of “A Better Human Being” is going to stick in your head forever. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, this is a big, fat spoiler. You’ve been warned.

Okay, maybe we could see this coming a little. Peter (Joshua Jackson) accepted that Amerlivia is now Ourlivia (Anna Torv) and started to give her a smooch. And yes, Olivia got her memories back. We’re dying to know why the writers even bothered with a case this week. This is huge. We don’t need one.

In an ending that has us salivating for next week, Sean finds out that Olivia is going to be killed, and
Astrid (Jasika Nicole) is able to warn her in time. Walter (John Noble) and Lincoln (Seth Gable)
accompany Nina (Blair Brown) to a Massive Dynamic vault where the Cortexiphan is
stored, and Walter discovers that the Cortexiphan has been replaced by
fake vials. Olivia and Peter stop at a gas station, and Olivia’s bathroom break ends up going south. She wakes up in a room, tied to a
chair and sitting across from Nina Sharp, who is also tied up and looks
like she’s been there for a while. Alt-Nina! 

What did you think of tonight’s revelations? We can’t wait to hear! Where do you think this is going? Let us know below.

Photo/Video credit: Fox

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