Behold: The World’s First MTV Twitter Jockey!

On Sunday, plus-sized blogger Gabi Gregg — whose Twitter handle is @gabifresh — was crowned MTV’s first-ever Twitter Jockey during the live finale of Follow Me: The Search for the First MTV TJ at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

The Detroit native, 24, was one of 20 contestants chosen by MTV, in partnership with ZYNC from American Express, to compete for a $100,000 contract to be the latest social-media face of MTV — the same network that pioneered the professional VJ in the 1980s.

Gabi’s got big plans to attracting and retaining followers — which is currently standing strong at approximately 8,888.

“My main goal is to really connect with the audience. I don’t want to be the same as the MTV Twitter; I want to keep it personable and keep in touch with the followers. I want to give them a voice.”

The job is Gabi’s first since completing college two years ago.

Getting paid to Tweet all day? Sign us up!

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