According to Randy Kester, a former lawyer of Coleman, Shannon Price and Gary Coleman were supposedly divorced on Friday, the time of star’s death. It was said by Kester, that he handled the divorce that was in August 12, 2008.

As the estate status of Coleman is complicated enough, it was unclear whether the star had a will. For that reason the layer did not compose it when working with Coleman.

According to Kester, he was making several attempts in order to come and sit down, but as a result, it did not happen. He admitted that Gary did not trust of the legal system.

Also it turned out that the parents of the star are going to lodge a suit for a probate in order to know what is left after his son’s death as well as who will execute the estate, Price or themselves.

The actor died on Friday. As a matter of fact, he was earlier brought to the hospital because of an intracranial hemorrhage. Still it is unknown what his marital status was at the day of his death as his wife permitted to take off life support, which only proves in case they were divorces, she did not have any legality to give such a permission.

Price and Coleman have been living together in Santaquin, Utah. Moreover, Price called the 911 in order they could bring him to the hospital on May 26.

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