Gary Coleman’s parents have gone public with their concerns that the late child star’s death may have been caused by foul play just as reports surface claiming pictures of the Diff’rent Strokes star in a coma from the brain hemorrhage that caused his death — and one after he was already dead — are being shopped around Tinselstown by an unnamed phantom.

In one of four pictures, Gary is photographed with his eyes closed while hooked up to a ventilation machine. A second snap was taken about an hour before Gary died, the last shot was taken after the actor was removed from life support at the insistence of his former wife-turned-girlfriend, Shannon Price.

The seller of the photos is asking for an undisclosed sum in “the low five figures,” insiders say.

Coleman’s estranged parents — Sue and Willie Coleman — want to find out whether a “blunt force trauma” caused the pint-sized star’s passing.

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