Gary Coleman, who managed to become the brightest star of TV by age 11, has died. As a matter of fact, Gary was suffering from a  brain hemorrhage.

Coleman died at the Utah Valley Regional Medical Center situated in Provo at 12:05. In fact, he had been in a coma.

According to his manager, John Alcantar, it was decided to remove him from life support, due to which he passed peacefully and quickly. His wife as well as close friends were bedside of Gary.

It turned out that on Wednesday night he suffered from an intracranial hemorrhage. It was said in a statement that the actor was lucid and conscious on Thursday, but in the afternoon of the same day he was slipping in and his condition worsened.

Apart from problems connected with congenital health that led him to a small tall of 4′8,” Coleman achieved big success at the very start of his career. He got $100,000 per episode. Later it became known that three-quarters of the earned money were given to his parents, lawyers, advisers, as well as the IRS.

At the age of 14 he managed to undergo two transplants. In order to survive he had to undergo dialysis four times

Once he said that he survived because he had a kidney that did not let him give up.

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