Have you ever thought to yourself, “I bet there are some really scintilating stories about the behind-the-scenes lives of the cast of the wholesome ’90s teen sitcom Saved by the Bell“? No? Weird, because apparently more than a few people invovled with Lifetime Original Movies can’t stop thinking about it.

Or, more likely, they realize making a movie called The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story will automatically draw some eyeballs. Possibly because it sounds like a porn parody title, but mainly because we’re entering ’90s a wave of ’90s nostalgia that will probably last a few years.

Above is the first picture of the cast for the movie who, aside from the guys playing Zack and AC Slater, bare very little resemblance to the original cast of the show. One of the selling points the movie is touting, however, is that the show’s original casting director returned to also hand-pick these six fresh faces. This may mark the first time a movie has tried to turn its casting director into a selling point.

The actors in question are Dylan Everett (Mark Paul Gosselaar), Sam Kindseth (Dustin Diamond), Julian Works (Mario Lopez), Alyssa Lynch (Tiffani-Amber Thiessen), Tiera Skovbye (Elizabeth Berkley) and Taylor Russell McKenzie (Lark Voorhies).

The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story will premiere on Lifetime on September 1, 2014, so starting planning your ’90s-themed watching party now.


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