Probably Sandra Bullock does not want to appear in public but still she will have to show her face one day. But still some time has to pass.

George Lopez who is considered to be a good pal of the actress visited her on Monday at Hollywood Hills home of Bullock. As a matter of fact, he spent about 20 minutes in the actress’s house and then got in his car and left. He did not even react to the questions that were asked by the paparazzi who camped outside since someone spread a word that the actress was waiting out the storm at her own house.

That is the home that she decided to keep despite the fact that she moved to the O.C. to live with Jesse James about five years ago.

On Friday a moving van was seen outside the Seal Beach residence.

It is still unknown what Lopez was doing in the house of Bullock, probably he was giving a makeover to the actress or the discussed what to do next and how to cope with all that stuff.

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