It turned out that Jennifer Aniston was not the only woman who had some enjoyable time with Gerard Butler in Paris which was actually not so long ago.

Butler who is 40 years old had a private cruise along with Aniston in the Seine a week ago on Saturday. According to Laurie Cholewa, a local TV interviewer, just the same week Gerard Butler came back to Paris midweek. As a matter of fact, the actor has a date with 29 years-old Cholewa. The date stretched from the day into the evening.

Cholewa and Gerard were spotted wandering hand in hand through the French capital. They managed to visit various landmarks such as Louvre museum. They had a lunch at the Café Marly. The same evening they had dinner on the Left Bank.

According to a source, Butler cracked completely for Cholewa when they has a sit-down interview dedicated to The Bounty Hunter which is considered to be a new film in which he costarred with Jennifer Aniston.

One should say that Cholewa is a film reporter and is a host of a Friday-night show on Direct 8, a local cable channel.

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