The Real World DC holds the distinction of being the lowest-rated spinoff in the history MTV’s long-running reality series (We blame the success of Jersey Shore….), but one Washington woman says her brief appearance on the unpopular show was seen enough times to ruin her life.

Golzar Amirmotazedi, a 22-year-old makeup artist who appeared on an episode of The Real World that aired last January, is suing Viacom, MTV and Bunim/Murray Productions for $5 million, claiming producers provided her with alcoholic beverages and subjected her to ridicule after she refused to have sex with two of the show’s cast members.

The lawsuit, filed in DC Superior Court this week, alleges invasion of privacy, false light, disclosure of private facts and intentional, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.

According to the complaint, after becoming heavily intoxicated, Amirmotazedi was taken in September to The Real World house in Dupont Circle, she was later thrown out of the home by cast members Andrew and Josh after declining to have sex with them. Later, she was portrayed on the show as “crazy,” “weird,” a “mess” and a “stalker.”

Golzar insists she was in condition to sign a waiver consenting for the humiliating footage to air on MTV — a claim her attorneys believe is bolster by the video itself: “…outtakes from the Real World…show that [she] in fact was not in a position to provide her consent to [MTV] portraying her in a false light or disclosing private facts about her,” the suit reads.

According to Amirmotazedi’s complaints, she is suffering due to the fallout of the film footage. Amirmotazedi is claiming emotional stress like embarrassment, depression, and other physical symptoms like headaches, loss of appetite and weight loss.

This isn’t the first time a would-be reality star has filed suit against a network for the portrayal on screen. Just a few months ago, a former beauty queen who appeared on the ABC series Wife Swapsued the network and show producers claiming she became the target of vicious bullying by classmates after appearance on the program.

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