Recently Google prepared a report that shows India is the second highest consumer of the mobile Internet after U.S. around 14 billion WebPages were seen on mobile phone screens in February 2010 from which India accounts for 5.9 percent of the total share.

As this report has been made by Google that is not in good terms with china so there may be the possibility that Google could not have accessed the usage of net on mobile in china properly.

Vinay Goel, Google’s India product head has unveiled that India has shown an immense increase in number of mobile Internet users by five times in the last five years. Moreover he added that the number of new data connections added globally in this year would surely be higher on the cell phone as compared to the PC.

When compared to U.S. and other western countries that use high-end gadgets, India still makes use of low-end mobile phones for net browsing. The iPhone available at Rs. 30,000 accounts 40 percent global market for web traffic whereas Nokia phones have always been favorites in India that cost around Rs. 3,500 to Rs. 5,500.

So India is rising in terms of technology and now there is just a need to get the speeds enhanced for faster data transfer.

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