Grammy-nominated sitar artist Ustad Shujaat Hussain Khan, who made his debut as music director with the Bollywood flick ”Mr Singh Mrs Mehta” launched the soundtrack of the film in Mumbai.

”Mr Singh and Mrs Mehta” also marks the directorial debut of Pravesh Bhardwaj.

Renowned director Sudhir Mishra and actor Prashant Narayanan were present at the music launch on Thursday.

Mishra lauded Khan for giving importance to lyrics.

“This is an amazing kind of music. It has its own place, its own charm. It gives importance to the words, it expresses the meaning and it is in another style,” said Mishra.

The sitarist, who mesmerised the audience with his compositions, said the film’’s music was a throwback to yesteryears, with an emphasis on melody.

“The soul of ”Mr Singh and Mrs Mehta” lies in its music. It will take the audience back to the good old days of melodious music, which is ably backed by soulful lyrics,” said Khan.

”Mr Singh and Mrs Mehta” portrays complex shades of life, weaving a story of friendship, love and adultery.

The movie that is set for release on June 25 has been tagged by the director as one suited to mature and adult audiences.

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