Gwyneth Paltrow showed off her musical talents again during a visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week.

The duo debuted their hilarious spoof hip-hop videos – with Gwyneth decked out in a big poofy wig and Jimmy sporting dreadlocks – from their 90′s group called Shazzazz. When the Oscar winner last visited Late Night With Jimmy Fallon – back in May – the duo did a rap video as Shazzazz. In reality, though, their fondness for performing together goes back more than a decade, to 1999, when Paltrow was host of Saturday Night Live and she and then castmember Fallon sang as Mindy and Skye.

Take a look at Gwyn and Jim turning in side-splitting performances of their fictional hits “Let’s Do It”, “Do It Again,” and “We Did It.”

In related news, the Country Song star will host Saturday Night Live on Jan. 15, with musical guest Cee-Lo Green. Following last week’s announcement that he and Gwyn are planning a collabo, we wonder if the two will take the SNL stage together?

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