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From Hairspray to a hair salon!

Nikki Blonsky isn’t complaining about how tough it is for her to make a living in Hollywood these days.  Instead, the Hairspray star has gotten her cosmetology license and is working at a salon in Long Island, where she does everything from apply make-up to sweeping the floor, is exclusively reporting.

PHOTOS:  Nikki Blonsky Hard At Work At A New York Hair Salon

Despite once starring alongside Hollywood legend John Travolta and rubbing shoulders with other A-listers, the 23-year-old has fallen out of the limelight and decided to pick up another career to make ends meet while still trying to get acting gigs.

Blonsky has just begun working at Superstar Hairstylists in her home town of Great Neck where she is happy to do just about anything to pay the bills.

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“I was in the salon having my hair done and I saw her working there. I couldn’t believe it. She was sweeping up hair but also doing people’s make up,” shocked customer Sally Miles tells radio detection and exclusively.

“She was really nice and even let me take pictures of her.”

As previously reported, Blonsky was working in a shoe store earlier this year.

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But that doesn’t mean she has given up on her dream of hitting the big time again.

“I asked her if she was still acting and she said that she is auditioning a lot,” Miles tells us. “But she needs a day job too.”

Blonsky, who also had a short stint on Ugly Betty, might not be a Hollywood star anymore but her new employer seems thrilled to have her on board.

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The salon’s Facebook page is full of welcoming messages for her and rave reviews of her work as a make up artist.

One woman said: “I was so surprised today when I showed up at Superstar to get my makeup done and it turned out to be Nikki Blonsky applying it.

“She did a great job and I really look like a SUPERSTAR. Thanks to all the wonderful staff and I wish all the best to their newest employee cosmetologist Nikki Blonsky.”

There are also pictures of the whole salon team posing with a very happy looking Blonsky.


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