If the recent media reports are to be believed, then the model Gabriel Aubrey and the actress Halle Berry have split up. According to the report from the TMZ website in the celebrity gossip it has been perceived that the duo had been in relation for a very small-term custody arrangement.

The couple had been seeing each other for five years and has a daughter, Nahla of 2 years of age. Also the reason for their schism as reported from the RadarOnline.com is the age gap between the two.

Halle Berry is 43 years of age in respect to Gabriel Aubrey who is 34. According to a source, it is Aubrey who did not find the relation ongoing as before the age difference of 9 years was not an issue, he loved the actress truly and believed her to be the most beautiful women he had ever come across and dated. However, with the long passage of time, the feelings took a turn and he no more feels the same.

Though, the separation has been quite affable but the lady is fighting hard as she loved Aubrey a lot and considered him to be the right man for her all her life.

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