After the recent news of the actress Halle Berry’s break up with her husband Gabriel Aubry over the age difference, the other news has hopped in this Saturday morning.

The lady was witnessed in New York on Sat morning and did not appeared to be sad or mourning over her separation with Aubry instead co-hosted the 13th Annual EIF/Revlon Run/Walk for Women along with the other hosts Jessica Biel and also Jessica Alba who are the Brand Ambassadors of Revlon.

The actress, Berry who is just new in the single list geared up the event with lots of zest and enthusiasm and offered a very perky environment throughout the show.

Halle is 43 years old and was their supporting her friend Stephanie who had been struggling every single day against the breast and ovarian cancer. She felt happy to be a part of it and along with the other mob who had gathered there for raising the funds for breast and ovarian cancer research screamed cheers for the naïve women issue. As she is now estranged from her 34 year old boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, therefore, she made a subtle entry rather than appearing a formal welcome through the red carpet.

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