‘Hannibal’ Season 1 finale recap: What happened when Will went face

hannibal-finale-hugh-dancy-will-graham.jpgThe “Hannibal” Season 1 finale, “Savoureux,” made one thing clear: Dr. Lecter wins this round. But even with series creator Bryan Fuller’s obvious preference for the unpredictable, we’re still betting on Will Graham in the long run.

If it’s hard to see exactly how Will (Hugh Dancy) can come back from this — now that he’s stuck in a cell after being arrested for the murders we all know Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) himself committed — that’s a question for Fuller and company to answer in Season 2. (Fortunately, the show was officially renewed last month, pre-empting outrage from Fannibals dying to know where this story is going.)

Aside from the ending, the finale didn’t really throw us any major curveballs — although Will’s eyes are now open about Hannibal: “I can see you now,” Will tells him — but instead followed through on everything that had brought the characters to this point.

And so the episode opens with Will waking up from another nightmare and coughing up an ear. (A little tame by “Hannibal” standards, but it’ll do for a stomach-churning gross-out moment.) That’s supposed to prove to everyone, Will included, that he killed poor Abigail Hobbs.

hannibal-finale-laurence-fishburne.jpgJack Crawford (Laurence Fishburne) certainly believes it. Even Alana (Caroline Dhavernas) and Beverly (Hettienne Park) begin to believe it, as much as they don’t want to.

Will would believe it too (he can’t explain how he made it back from Minnesota on the plane alone), but Hannibal goes a step too far. He’s also framed Will for the copycat murders that happened before Will started losing his grip on reality. Will knows he’s crazy, and possibly capable of anything, but he’s not that crazy. And so his suspicions turn to Hannibal.

By the end of the hour, it seems that he’s not alone. Dr. du Maurier (guest star Gillian Anderson) appears to be on to Hannibal as well — unless she’s known all along? We’ll have to wait until next season, but with Anderson committed to NBC’s new thriller “Crisis” launching midseason, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn Dr. du Maurier mysteriously vanished (or was brutally murdered) after her dinner session with Lecter.

What do you think Fannibals? Did the Season 1 finale deliver? And what do you most want to see in Season 2?

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